Horticulture Grant Fund Scheme 2023

Registration, Online Portal, Kisan, Eligibility, Documents, Helpline Number

Horticulture Grant Fund Scheme 2023

Horticulture Grant Fund Scheme 2023

Registration, Online Portal, Kisan, Eligibility, Documents, Helpline Number

Nowadays, horticulture is being given a lot of importance by the government. Recently a news has been heard in this context when Haryana Government has encouraged farmers to do horticulture instead of traditional farming. Under this, farmers will be given grant money to plant new orchards. So let us know in detail through this article how farmers who adopt horticulture instead of traditional farming will get financial help.

What is Horticulture Grant Scheme Haryana (Bagwani Anudan Yojana Haryana) :-
Recently, the Haryana state government has tried to encourage farmers to plant new orchards. The government has decided to give grant money to the farmers who plant new orchards. Under this, a huge subsidy of up to 50% per hectare is being given for planting new orchards of guava, lemon, amla etc.

Horticulture Grant Scheme Haryana Features :-
Here, ₹ 11000 is given as grant amount for planting guava orchards.
You get ₹ 12000 for gardening citrus plants.
₹ 15000 is given for planting Amla orchard.
This scheme allows farmers to plant orchards up to 10 acres.
Horticulture farmers can increase their income.
A farmer will get a maximum of Rs 51,000.
The government will also provide support for the cultivation of sapota.

Horticulture Grant Scheme Haryana Eligibility :-
Farmers of Haryana state will become eligible for horticulture grant amount.
Farmers who have planted guava etc. crops as per the financial year 2021 are eligible candidates for the grant amount.
Horticulture Grant Scheme Haryana Documents :-
bank copy
Aadhar card
Nursery bills and Neem stand report of the nursery attested by Horticulture Board.
Horticulture Grant Scheme Haryana Official Website :-
The government has given the official website of Horticulture Portal for this scheme on which registration can be done. Apart from this, farmers can also get necessary information from this official website.

Horticulture Grant Scheme Haryana Registration Process :-
Farmers who are willing to avail the benefits of this scheme can apply online on the horticulture portal given by the Haryana Government. Apart from this, registration will also have to be done on Meri Fasal Mera Byora portal. Apart from these, you will have to do online registration by following the instructions given below:

Go to the official website and click on the farmer registration option.
After this, a registration form will come on which personal information will have to be given.
Save it and click on update.
Then you will have to go to the planning panel and select the plan.
Click on apply and fill the form.
Insert the documents here and click on save option.

Q: Which state government has announced to provide horticulture grant amount?
Ans: Haryana

Q: Who is the beneficiary for horticulture grant amount?
Ans: Farmers of Haryana

Q: What percentage of subsidy will be given in the horticulture grant amount?
Ans: 50 percent

Q: Which crops are included in the horticulture grant amount?
Ans: Lemon, guava etc.

Q: For what is the horticulture grant amount being given?
Ans: To promote horticulture

name of the scheme Horticulture Grant Fund Scheme
launched by whom Government of Haryana State
Target grant money for gardening
beneficiary farmers of haryana state
Website official website
helpline number NA