Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme 2023

documents, eligibility criteria, registration, online registration, registration process, benefits, beneficiaries, application download process, helpline number, subsidy amount

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme 2023

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme 2023

documents, eligibility criteria, registration, online registration, registration process, benefits, beneficiaries, application download process, helpline number, subsidy amount

As you know, petrol prices are skyrocketing in all the states of India. Due to the increased prices of petrol, the common man has to suffer the most because he has limited sources of income and in such a situation, if the price of petrol increases, then he starts withdrawing from doing many of his essential works. But now to provide relief related to petrol to the people of Jharkhand, Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme has been started. This scheme has been launched in Jharkhand on 19 January in the year 2022. The government has also launched an application under this scheme. How can you take advantage of this scheme? We are providing you all the information related to this through this article.

Let us tell you that Jharkhand has become the first state in the entire country which is going to give subsidy on petrol to the residents of the state, who come in the BPL category, that is, the families of Jharkhand who have BPL cards, they will get the benefit of this initiative of the government. Will get benefit.

Jharkhand Whichever families are found eligible for petrol subsidy, after verification, the government will send petrol subsidy of ₹ 250 directly to their bank account through direct benefit transfer.

Jharkhand Government has passed a budget of Rs 901.86 crore for this scheme and about 59 lakh people will soon start getting benefits under this scheme.

Any resident of Jharkhand who wants to take advantage of Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme should have their ration card ready as a document. Remember that only those people who have BPL category ration card will be able to apply for this scheme and will be able to become beneficiaries of this scheme.

Under the Two Wheeler Oil Subsidy Scheme, the vehicle should be registered in the name of the person who wants to apply for this scheme and get the benefit of petrol subsidy.

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Application –
Jharkhand Government has recently announced that it is soon going to launch an application through which money for this scheme can be transferred. Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Application is for BPL families of Jharkhand, under which they will be able to get petrol subsidy of up to 10 liters in 1 month.

Thus, they will get petrol subsidy of ₹ 250 in a month. The application made by Jharkhand Government for this scheme has been named CM Support.

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme Eligibility-
To avail the benefits of this scheme, the government has set some guidelines and eligibility criteria, details of which are given below.

The person should be a native of Jharkhand.
  His bank account should be linked with Aadhar card.
There should be a phone number linked with Aadhar card.
The vehicle should be registered in the name of the person who wants to apply for the scheme.
The vehicle number should be from Jharkhand only.
The person must have a driving license

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme Documents:-
Aadhar card
bpl ration card
  Photocopy of bank account passbook
vehicle information
  driving license
Passport size color photo
working email id
  registered phone number

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy CM Support Application Download –
On January 19 in the year 2022, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has released the CM Support Application. The method to download this application is being told below.

1: First of all open Google Play Store in your smartphone.

2: After the Play Store opens, click on the search box above and write CM Support App and search.

3: Now this application will be visible to you. Click on the green box below which says Install.

4: By doing this the application will start installing.

5: After the application is installed, open the application and register yourself using Aadhar card or Ration card. Along with this, you will also have to provide the phone number on which you want to get the OTP verification done.

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme Online Registration:-
1: To apply for this scheme, first open the CM Support application.

2: After the application is opened, click on the link for Jharkhand Patrol Subsidy Registration Form.

3: Now a registration page will open on your screen. In this, you have to give the details of your ration card and Aadhar card number and process to get OTP and after OTP verification is done, you have to enter the ration card number in the given space and the last date of your Aadhar card. The 8 digits are your password, you have to enter it in the password section and press the login button.

4: After login, you have to enter your vehicle information and your license number in the designated space.

5: After this you have to select the name of the ration card.

6: After completing this process, your information will be sent to the supply officer of your district through the application.

7: After that your documents will be checked and if everything remains correct then you will be eligible to get subsidy of ₹ 250 in 1 month under Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme and you will start getting its benefit in your bank account.

Q: How many liters of petrol will be subsidized under Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme?
Ans: 10 liters

Q: How much subsidy will be given on every liter under this scheme?
Ans: ₹25

Q: How much subsidy will we get in a month under Petrol Subsidy Scheme in Jharkhand?
Ans: ₹250

Q: Can people having ration cards other than BPL also apply for this scheme?
Ans: No, this scheme is only for people with BPL ration card.

Q: How to download Jharkhand CM Support Application?
Ans: You will get it in Google Play Store.

Q: Who can take advantage of Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme?
Ans: Native of Jharkhand and having BPL ration card.\

Name of the scheme: Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme
State: Jharkhand
Application Name: CM Support
Subsidy amount: ₹250 every month
Objective: giving subsidy on petrol
Beneficiary: BPL families of Jharkhand
Helpline Number: NA
Official website: jsfss.jharkhand.gov.in