Chief Minister Smartphone Distribution Scheme for Delhi Anganwadi Workers2023

Mobile App, Eligibility, Application Form

Chief Minister Smartphone Distribution Scheme for Delhi Anganwadi Workers2023

Chief Minister Smartphone Distribution Scheme for Delhi Anganwadi Workers2023

Mobile App, Eligibility, Application Form

Taking care of health is the first duty of any government. Keeping this in mind, Delhi Government has decided to start some schemes. With this initiative of Delhi Government, a plan has been made to make Delhi more modern as well as to develop the children. Under this scheme, Delhi government has promised to provide smart phones to the workers working in Anganwadi of Delhi. Apart from this, he has also taken a new initiative for the development of small children. In this way, Delhi government has heated up the election atmosphere by bringing two new big schemes among the public. Let us know these schemes in detail…

Eligibility Criteria of the scheme
  1- Registered Anganwadi Workers:- Only those Anganwadi workers who are officially associated with the Anganwadi will receive smart phones. To ensure this, they must already have Anganwadi registration documents, otherwise they will not be given a smart phone.

2- Registered children and lactating women:- If women and children want to take advantage of this scheme, then it is necessary for them to get registered in their nearest Anganwadi.

3- Residents of Delhi:- Only the same person can become the beneficiary of this scheme under this scheme. Who presents with his necessary documents and proves that he is a native of Delhi.

4- Economically Weaker Section:- Only women and children of families belonging to economically weaker section will be able to avail the benefit of this scheme.


mobile distribution scheme
Key features of the mobile distribution scheme Delhi Key features of the mobile distribution scheme Delhi
  1- Develop record keeping process:- Anganwadi workers provide assistance to thousands of children, pregnant women and lactating women. Keeping track of so many people in written form is too tedious and time consuming for them. That is why under this scheme of Delhi Government, they will be provided smart phones so that they can be able to keep digital records instead of not keeping written records.

2- Real Time Monitoring:- Smart phone is a very easy way to record and send data in real time. Using this, any data can be easily sent in less time.

3- Number of Smart-Phones:- It has been announced by Delhi Health Authority that new smart phones will be provided to around 10000 Anganwadi workers under the Smart-Phone Distribution Project.

4- Digital Entry System:- The main objective of this scheme is that an application will be started with a smart-phone which will further pave the way for technology. Also, Anganwadi workers will be able to maintain a separate digital record to help them in data collection and management.

5- Proper service delivery:- Through the smart phones provided to the workers under this scheme, they will be able to easily keep the report of service delivery. Also, supervisors will be able to send that complete report in less time.

6- Taking photographs of children:- With the help of smart phones, Anganwadi workers will be able to take photographs of all the children and lactating women. This will also help the workers keep a digital copy of the women and children they register along with the written report and will be able to easily send this report to the supervisors.

Delhi Early Childhood Care Course – Benefits (Key features of Childhood Care Curriculum)
1- Better mental and physical development of children:- Under this scheme, Delhi government wants to ensure that all children are given proper mental and physical development.

2- Providing adequate nutrition:- Under this scheme, its primary objective will be to provide more nutrition to the children. Less stress should be placed on children and more attention should be given to those children who come from poor families. The responsibility of providing more nutritious food and a balanced diet to children from such poor families has been taken up by the Delhi Government under this scheme.

3- Ensuring cognitive and emotional balance:- The progress of the children will be monitored by the medical workers and it will be seen whether they are at par between emotional progress and cognitive abilities.

4- Encouraging creative development:- Enhancing the mental and physical development of children is not the only 2 features of the scheme. Rather, the medical staff will also take care whether the children registered under this scheme are getting encouragement to develop their creativity or not.

5- Age of children:- Under this scheme, it has been decided that children who fall in the age group of 6 months to 7 years will be provided special care. About 1.13 lakh children are already taking advantage of this scheme.

6- Focus on lactating mothers:- Under this scheme, special attention will be given to ensure that lactating women get adequate nutrition so that they can make their children more healthy.

  Application Form Process
It has been determined by the Delhi Government that there is no need for you to fill the application under this scheme. Because the women who are registered in Anganwadi will easily get this benefit, and under the second scheme, the women or workers who work in Delhi Anganwadis of the government will be provided smart phones under this scheme.

  Special App Launch (Mobile app)
Apart from announcing all the eligible projects, Delhi Government has also launched 2 different smart-phone applications. To further improve this project and to help in more monitoring and proper execution of work under this project, Aww app and Lady supervisor app have been launched. Let us know in detail….

AWW App:- Through this app Anganwadi workers will be able to maintain records easily. Under this, it will be easy to maintain complete details of women and children of every household along with Aadhar card. In this, workers will get help in collecting and monitoring data in less time. In this, names of those women and children who are being provided benefits under this scheme can also be recorded. Through this application, workers can easily take photographs of those children and women and will be able to keep all types of records. They will also get help in collecting all types of documents and sending them further to the supervisor.

Lady Supervisor App:- Lady Supervisor has been created for the supervisors sitting in Anganwadi centres. Through this app, you will be able to easily monitor the data and progress of the registered children. With this they will be able to connect with Anganwadi workers on real-time basis. Apart from this, after collecting the data of all the Anganwadis, they will be able to identify the Anganwadis which are lagging behind and help them.

If smart phones are provided to Anganwadi workers under this scheme, it will be very helpful for them because through this they will easily be able to keep digital records of women and children with themselves. If we talk about the second scheme, with the support of that scheme a new path will be found for the development of children and women. She will get a new support due to which she will be able to provide nutritious food to her children and herself. Also, because of this scheme, those economically backward children and women will get full support from the government mentally and physically. This initiative of the government will be able to make the future of Delhi stronger and stronger because when a child is mentally and physically healthy, it is natural that he will be able to contribute his full contribution in strengthening the future.