Driving Training Centre Scheme

Objectives, Infrastructure, Eligibility

Driving Training Centre Scheme

Driving Training Centre Scheme

Objectives, Infrastructure, Eligibility

Our government has always been aware of the roads in India, their condition and maintenance. It has always been noticed that most of the road accidents happening here are due to the mistakes of the drivers because they do not have much knowledge about the rules of the road. Therefore, if these drivers are given proper training then the number of road accidents can be reduced. To fulfill this objective, our Central Government is starting the Driving Training Center Scheme, this scheme will be mainly for drivers. Under this scheme the government will provide training to drivers. Through this it will also be ensured that employment opportunities increase in the country. This scheme will be included under the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2017.

Main Objectives :-
The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to those people who want to start their own driving training center. These centers can be established anywhere in the country and the government will provide support in setting up such centres.
Through this scheme, care will be taken that the roads of the country are safe for everyone, hence under this scheme, drivers will also be given quality computer control training.
Another main objective of this scheme is to improve the traffic facilities of the country by preparing good drivers. This will reduce traffic jams, road accidents etc. and people will feel safe while traveling on the road.

Key Points Key Features
Simulator :
Simulators will be used for training drivers in these driving training schools. With this, trained drivers will be able to drive safely on any type of road in every condition.

NSQF Framework:
In these driving training centres, drivers will be trained under the National Skill Qualification Framework. Thus, it will be ensured that drivers get good quality training.

Two types of vehicles will be used by the Central Government in these driving training centres. One of these will be light motor vehicle and the other heavy motor vehicle. Good training for both types of vehicles will be given in these centres.

Government assistance:
The government will provide financial assistance for the establishment of such centres. Apart from this, its main objective is to provide financial assistance to such centers already established.

Driving License Technology System:
The best thing about this scheme is that through it, driving license will be provided to the driver using technology based system. For this, drivers will be tested through objective scientific process. R of granting license in this manner. T.O. Any nearby center can be used.

Employment Opportunities:
Along with training, drivers will also be provided employment opportunities in these centres, this will attract more people to take such training.

Before starting such a driving centre, it is necessary that the applicant is aware of its rules. We are providing you some such information below:

Information related to place:
To establish such a training centre, it is necessary that the applicant has at least 2 acres of land either in his name or on lease.

Class Room:
It is necessary to have at least 2 rooms in such a training center where theory related training will be given to the persons receiving training. Apart from this, there should be projectors in these rooms through which technology related information will be given.

Simulator and Vehicle:
For training in these centres, it is necessary to have heavy and light weight vehicles with dual control. Along with this, it is also necessary to provide simulators to the drivers in both types of vehicles.

Broadband and biometrics:
It is also necessary for these centers to have internet facility and bio-metric system through which the presence of drivers will be ensured.

Driving Track:
It is necessary to have adequate space on the driving track for the drivers to practice some special driving skills like reverse driving, driving on slopes etc. Apart from this, it is also necessary to have sufficient space to provide parking training to the drivers.

Bathroom and other facilities:
It is necessary to have adequate staff in these centers so that the work here can be done properly. Apart from this, there should be separate bathrooms for men and women.

Application Process
Under this scheme, any private organization can also set up its own training center. For this you will have to fill an application form for which you will have to follow the following steps.

Official website:
For this, the applicant will have to visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India, nic.in. After this you will have to find the official information issued by the ministry on this page.

Official notification of DTC:
The applicant can also download this official notification from this website http://morth.nic.in/showfile.asp?lid=3159. The applicant should first read the given instructions carefully and then download this form.

Application Form:
Now in this application form the applicant has to fill important information like name, legal status, contact number, bank account number etc. It is necessary for the applicant to fill all this information correctly.

Download and Print:
When you have filled this form completely, you should print it and then submit it.

  Financial Aid
Government assistance:
Under this scheme, the government will provide assistance up to 50 percent (at Rs 1 crore) to establish such a centre. This assistance will be given to prepare its infrastructure and maintain technical features.

Other expenses :
Apart from this, other expenses will have to be borne by the institute itself. In this situation, if the applicant wants, he can take help from any non-government organization for his institute.

All types of NGOs, Trusts, Co-operative Societies, Vehicle Manufacturers, Firms, State Undertakings and other agencies etc. can apply in this. If this center is registered under the Central or State Government then they can set up their own training centre.
If any NGO is applying under this scheme, then it is necessary that its registration has been done under the Darpan portal of NITI Aayog. If this does not happen then NGOs will not be eligible to apply.
To register in this scheme, the applicant will have to tell his financial eligibility to the government. If he does not have enough money for this scheme, then he cannot get himself registered in it.

Important Dates
Last date of the scheme:
This scheme has been launched on 7th March and it will remain operational till 31st March 2020. Financial assistance will not be given to any institute after March 31.

Last date for completion of project:
To avail the benefits of this scheme, it is necessary that the applicant completes all the formalities of his project before 31 December 2019. If this date is missed then you will not be able to avail the benefits of this scheme.

First set last date for applications:
To avail the benefits of this scheme, applications will be taken by the government till 30 April 2018. After this, no applications will be accepted in the first set. After this, the selection of eligible applicants will be done by 31st May 2018.

name of the scheme Driving Training Center Scheme 
By whom and will it be implemented by the central government of India
Announcement 2017 (Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill)
launch date 7March 2018
Where were they launched Transport Bhawan Delhi
planning time Till 31 March 2020
benefited from driver