Angels of Delhi Plan 2023

Application form, documents how to apply

Angels of Delhi Plan 2023

Angels of Delhi Plan 2023

Application form, documents how to apply

A unique scheme has been launched by the Chief Minister of Delhi but it is a very good initiative. Many times we hear that someone has died in an accident on the road. If the person who met with an accident had been taken to the hospital on time, his life might have been saved. Many times people passing through the road see this incident with their own eyes but no one takes the injured person to the hospital because no one wants to get involved in the police action and the police. Keeping this problem in mind, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched the Farishte Delhi scheme in the state. At present, the scheme will work as a pilot project in Delhi.

People will be given ₹ 2000 as incentive by the government for coming forward to help the accident victims. How can one avail the benefit of this scheme? This has been written in detail in this article.

Key points related to Farishte Dilli scheme [Farishte Dilli Ke Key Features] :-
  To encourage the general public 
  People came forward without any worry to help the accident victims and take them to a nearby hospital in time so that their lives could be saved.

  free medical treatment
In this condition, the accident victim will be treated free of cost by the hospital, the entire expense of which will be borne by the government.

  money reward
If any person takes an accident victim to the nearest hospital then he will be given ₹ 2000 as incentive which will be given by the government.

  incentive certificate
Under the scheme, any person who helps an accident victim will be given incentive certificate along with incentive amount.

  There will be no legal action
  In such a situation, usually some action is taken by the police against the person who helps, but the government has directed that no action should be taken so that they do not shy away from helping.

Documents required under Farishte Delhi Scheme [Documents] :-
  Identity card of the accident victim
  When the accident victim becomes healthy, then he will have to give the identity card under which he can give documents like Voter ID card, Aadhar card, but if the condition of the person is bad then his family members can complete this action. . This document will have to be submitted to the administration department of the hospital.

identity card of the person helping
The certificate of the person who helped the accident victim will also have to be submitted to the administration department of the hospital so that they can be identified and rewarded.

How to Apply for Farishte Delhi Scheme [How to Apply] :-
  Whenever a person brings an accident victim to the hospital, the hospital collects the name, address etc. of that person from the department. In this way, the hospital helps the government to deliver the incentive amount to that person. There is no provision for giving separate application for this scheme.

  This is a very good initiative taken by the Delhi government because if a person can survive and he loses his life only because he did not reach the hospital on time, then it is a very sad thing. In such a situation, such a scheme increases enthusiasm among the people and they are ready to help the accident victim.

Name angels of delhi
State Delhi
launch 2017
beneficiary common man helper
Incentives 2000 rupees
Website Not now
toll free number Not now