Kamyaab Kisan Khushaal Punjab 2023

Welfare Scheme, Agriculture and Farmers, Eligibility, Documents, Budget

Kamyaab Kisan Khushaal Punjab  2023

Kamyaab Kisan Khushaal Punjab 2023

Welfare Scheme, Agriculture and Farmers, Eligibility, Documents, Budget

The Kamyaab Kisan Khushaal Punjab (K3P) Scheme has been initiated by Punjab state government. This is a welfare scheme aiming for benefit of agriculture sector and farmers. In addition to this, other welfare scheme announcements have been done by the state government aiming for the well-being of farmers. Read on to know more about the schemes headed by Punjab state government for the good of common people.

Kamyaab Kisan Khushaal Punjab Scheme Features :-
Beneficiaries of scheme – The poor farmers of Punjab are the beneficiaries of the scheme.
Main idea for scheme launch – The main idea behind scheme launch is to offer financial help and waive off loan of farmers on ground of agricultural activities.
Monetary assistance for scheme launch – The state government has given rupees 1104 crores for successful implementation of the scheme with an additional of rupees 3780 to be given in the coming next years.
Initiative from state authorities – The main purpose of such contribution is to improve the agricultural condition in the state and help the farmers lead a happy life without the burden of loan and poor crop produce.

Who are Eligible to Register for the Kamyaab Kisan Khushaal Punjab Scheme :-
Residential details – The farmers who wish to register and enjoy the scheme perks should be natives of Punjab.
Income details – The farmer need to furnish suitable income details from agricultural produce when they want to get the benefits of the above said scheme.
Landholding for farmers – To be part of the scheme, the farmers need to produce landholding property details and show whether they have any land in their own.
Not part of other schemes –Farmers who want to be part of Kamyaab Kisan Khushaal Punjab scheme, should not be part of any other government welfare schemes.

List of Documents for Kamyaab Kisan Khushaal Punjab Scheme registration :-
Domicile documents – The farmer should furnish suitable domicile details to justify that they are the natives of the state at the tie of registering for the scheme.
Landholding details – if farmers have any land holdings, it is important for them to produce the same at the time of registering for the scheme.
Income certificate – If the farmer has any relevant income certificate, it should be produced at the time of registration under the scheme.

List of Welfare Schemes by Punjab Government :-
Free power to farmers :-
Free power supply has been given to almost 14.23 lakh farmers and it required rupees 23, 851 crores.
State authorities are trying their best to continue offering the power supply t the farmers.
As of now, a total of rupees 7180 crores have been sanctioned for the successful running of this scheme.

Loan waiver for crop production f framers :-
Farmer's debt amounting to rupees 4624 crores has been waived off by state government.
The state government is planning to offer help of rupees 1186 crores for almost 1.13 lakh farmers including rupees 526 crore of landless farmers.
The commitment is to be fulfilled by higher state authorities by the coming years for the help of the farmers and improve the agricultural sector in the state.

save money earn money :-
Under this, the Direct benefit transfer of electricity or DBTE has been started.
For this, the state government has sanctioned budgetary loan of rupees 10 crores.

Krishi Vikas Yojana :-
For this scheme, the state government has done an allocation of rupees 200 crores. The main idea is to ensure inclusive and better development of agriculture sector along with the allied services in Punjab.

Setting up Underground Pipeline Project for Community:-
Other than the above said one, a project of utilizing treated water has come up for the help of NABARD and it would require a total of rupees 40 crores to be a success one in the agricultural field. Therefore, the state government is trying their best to improve the agricultural sector and help the farmers by waiving off loan and helping them in coming up with better produce in the coming years.

Name of the scheme Kamyaab Kisan Khushaal Punjab (K3P)
Scheme has been launched by Punjab Government
Monetary help for scheme launch Rupees 1,104 crore
Money to be sanctioned in next three years Rupees 3780 crore
Beneficiaries of scheme Farmers and agricultural sector in Punjab