Download the New District/Block-By List for the Assam Ration Card List.

The Assam government has launched the new ration card list for the state. we will now discuss the key features of the Assam ration card for 2021 in this post.

Download the New District/Block-By List for the Assam Ration Card List.
Download the New District/Block-By List for the Assam Ration Card List.

The Assam new ration card list has been inaugurated by the government of Assam. So today under this article, we will share the important aspects of the Assam ration card for the year 2021. In this article, we will also share a step-by-step procedure through which you can check Assam Ration Card List which has been launched by the Assam government. In this article, we will share the specifications of the Assam ration card and also mention the benefits which are provided to the public with the inauguration of the new ration card.

A ration card is a document that is helpful for residents of the state. The ration card provides proper food items to the poor people of the society. Many poor people can avail of the benefit of subsidized food with the help of the ration card in India. Now, even a nationalized ration card is distributed to the citizens of India. This nationalized ration card can be helpful for you in getting food supplies all across the country. Overall, the ration card is the most important document for the citizens of India.

The ration card is very important in our country because it is sometimes taken as a token of identity proof. There are many benefits of the ration card. Availability of food products at a very low rate is the main benefit because as we know in our country many times poor people are not able to afford the food items for their daily and day-to-day life. Ration card helps all the poor people to make a happy and smooth livelihood without any worry of inflation of food items.

Antyodaya ration card is offered to those families that belong to the poorest section of society who have no stable income. Generally old age men, women, unemployed people, and laborers come under this category. Those people who have a per capita income of less than Rs 250 per month can apply for this ration card. In order to get this ration card applicant is required to submit the application form which is duly attested by the municipal councilor or village sarpanch along with two passport-size family photographs and an affidavit duly specified. The Antyodaya Ration Card holders are provided 35 kg of rice at Rs 3 per kg

Eligibility Criteria

The following people are eligible to apply for the ration card in Assam:-

  • A person having no ration card can apply for a ration card.
  • Women of the family can apply for the ration card.
  • The applicant must be a resident of Assam state.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • The annual income of the resident must be less than rupees 1 lac.

Important Documents

The following documents are required while applying for the Assam Ration Card:-

  • Proof of no Ration card from the village Head/Gaon panchayat president/ward Commissioner/Inspector, FCS&CA /Concerned Authority.
  • Copies of Birth Certificate
  • Voter List Copy
  • Income Certificate
  • BPL Certificate
  • Tax pay receipt of Land Revenue
  • Residential Proof
  • Pan Card
  • Driving License
  • BPL Family SI. No

Application Procedure of Assam Ration Card

To apply for the Assam ration card, you just need to visit your nearest ration shop or government office of the public distribution system whichever is nearest to your house. You can ask for the application form on the counter. Fill up the form and attach the documents mentioned above. The ration card will be delivered to your home in 15 days’ time.

Procedure to Check Assam Ration Card List

To check the beneficiary list of the Assam ration card, you need to follow the steps given below:-

  • First, click on the Official Website link given here
  • Now After that Choose Your
    • District Name
    • Tehsil Name
    • Village Name
  • Now Unique RC ID Code, Applicant Name, Father/Spouse Name, and Type of Ration Card will appear on your screen.

The role of the Ration Card has been a vital document in every state in the country. Unlike the past few years, the Public Distribution Systems of all the states are paving the way for ration cards’ digitalization. Following the other states, the state of Assam has also introduced the digitalization of ration cards online. Moreover, it enables the applicants to view/download the ration card list and check out the village-wise beneficiary list of the citizens who belong to APL, BPL, and AAY on the official PDS Portal of Assam.

People from all districts of Assam can easily verify if their names exist in the ration card holders database managed by the PDS Assam. RCMS Assam is an online facility that provides ration card-related information online. This includes various types of reports and names of ration cardholders.

Recently the government of Assam inaugurated the Assam New Ration Card. In this article, we are here to share all the important aspects of the Assam ration card 2022. In this article, we will also share every important news and procedure step-by-step to help everyone. We will share through an easy and understandable language through which you can check the Assam ration card list very easily. In this article, we will share with you all the important aspects of the Assam Ration card List 2020 such as the objectives, benefits, importance, and all the important aspects you want. So, do follow the article will end to grab all the details of this scheme easily.

If you ask me a question about What is a Ration card or Assam Ration Card List 2020? Then my answer will be Ration card is an official written document that is helpful for the people of every state. Actually, the ration card provides the proper and most essential food items among the poorer section of people in society. Poor people can get benefits of essential food at a subsidized price with the help of ration cards. Surprisingly, now, a nationalized ration card is distributed among the citizens of India. Through this nationalized ration card the essential food items are distributed across the whole country. Moreover, the Ration card is the most essential and helpful document for the poorer sections people’s of India. Actually, this ration card helps many poor people to live and eat with little income.
Of course, the ration card is a very important document for the Indians as sometimes the ration card is taken as identity proof. Actually, there are many benefits that are there through the ration card. As the main objective of the ration card is to provide food items at a low price, so, this document means the ration card is highly important to get essential food items at a low price. As we know that India is a developing country and the most populous country so the number of poor people in India is very large, and most of them even can’t afford and are able to buy their day-to-day items. So, the ration card helps those people to live happily and make them happy. Even sometimes poor students can get some scholarships through ration cards, which makes students and helps them to study more.
To apply for the Assam ration card, the applicant should visit their nearest ration shop or government office of the Public Distribution System which is just near to their house. The applicant can ask to fill out a form of ration card on the counter; the applicant should fill up the form and attach the required documents as mentioned above along with the form. Most probably, the ration cards will be delivered to their home within 15 days of time.

Assam Ration Card List 2022: District/Village/Block Wise: The importance of the Ration Card is known to everyone because with the help of this the beneficiary holding the ration card is eligible to get subsidized ration and other materials issued as per NFSA and state government. Along with this, it is used as proof during the documentation of Assam Government Schemes and others. Shifting towards digitalization the State Government of Assam has introduced a digital portal of ration cards for their citizens through which they can apply for a new ration card and on its issuance, the RC List can also be checked online. So through this article, you will get to know in and out of Assam Ration Card List.

Food and Civil Supply Assam has released a new list of a beneficiary who has been issued a new ration card recently. Through such a list applicants will get to know about the type of ration card and its RC ID. Such RC lists can be easily checked from the official portal village /tehsil wise whereas the ration card issued recently will bear ‘New’ in Card Type. The process to check the Assam Ration Card list is given below with the appropriate link.

As of now, the officials are not providing any online application process to their citizens except the Checking Ration Card list and its benefits. So if you are looking to apply for a new ration card then you can submit its application offline by visiting the respective department office along with the list of documents that are mentioned above in this article. If in the future the officials release an online portal then its process will be explained here. Till then you may proceed offline only.

Assam Ration Card Apply Online Form 2022 – Ration Card New List 2022-23 in Assam Portal is available now. In today’s article, we will discuss with you about Assam Ration Card List 2022 Status. Ration cards are the most important documents issued by the Assam government to its citizens. Rashan cards can help citizens to get food items at a subsidized price in an authorized shop. A subsidized price is less than the original price of a food item. There are several types of ration cards that are issued to citizens. Ration card is mainly issued on the basis of household income.

If your income is below the poverty line (BPL) then you will be issued a pink ration card, which will help you to get food items at a subsidized price. You can get benefits from your ration card at a certain time. We have given complete information about the new ration card prepared for the state of Assam here. Also, we have provided district and block-wise Assam PDS beneficiary lists for the year 2022-22. Here in this article, we will share with you the step-by-step process to check ration card status and beneficiary list and direct download link for Ration Card Baksa Assam Application Form PDF. Kindly continue reading ahead.

A ration card is one of the most important documents issued by the Food and Supplies Department of the state governments. Under the National Food Security Act (NFSA), the state government provides grains (such as wheat, rice, sugar, etc) at subsidized rates (Rs 4 per kg wheat and Rs 2 per kg rice). Apart from this, this ration card also works as a Family Identity Certificate (FIC) in Assam.

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