The Uttar Pradesh One District One Product Scheme will be implemented in 2022.

The One District, One Product Scheme, sponsored by the UP government, attempts to promote such locally produced, specialized goods.

The Uttar Pradesh One District One Product Scheme will be implemented in 2022.
The Uttar Pradesh One District One Product Scheme will be implemented in 2022.

The Uttar Pradesh One District One Product Scheme will be implemented in 2022.

The One District, One Product Scheme, sponsored by the UP government, attempts to promote such locally produced, specialized goods.

The central government has launched PM One District One Focus Product Scheme 2022 at The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare in consultation with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries has finalized the products for ODOFP Scheme. The products have been identified from agricultural, horticultural, animal, poultry, milk, fisheries and aquaculture, and marine sectors for 728 districts across the country. People can now check the complete district-wise ODOFP Product List as finalized by the govt. for One District One Focus Produce Scheme.

The list of products under One District One Focus Product Scheme 2022 has been finalized after taking inputs from the States/UTs and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). These ODOFP products will be promoted in a cluster approach through the convergence of the Government of India schemes. The main aim of the One District One Focus Produce Scheme is to increase the value of the products and with the ultimate aim of increasing the income of the farmers. The official website for ODOP Scheme is

With the aim to boost the export of agriculture products, the Centre has identified several products under 15 broad categories, allotting one product for each of the country’s 728 districts. It would ensure that there is the convergence of resources under different schemes of various ministries and also it helps increase farmers' income. The complete district-wise list of products under the One District One Focus Product Scheme is as follows:-

The program, named as One District One Focus Produce (ODOFP), was announced earlier on Saturday. It took almost 9 months to design after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his interaction with officials in May last year on ways to boost the agriculture sector. PM Modi underlined the importance of developing Brand India for which agri-clusters can be promoted. The government has already set a target to achieve $60 billion Agri exports by FY22.

One District One Product 2022 (New List)

  • Medicinal properties and uses
  • Amla is an important crop in Ayurveda
  • The richest source of Vitamin C in fruits (700 mg per 100 grams of fruit)
  • Using Amla (Product)
  • Chyawanprash
  • Triphala Churna
  • Honey Powder
  • Medicinal properties:
  • Anti-scorbic, diuretic, laxative, antibiotic and anti-dysenteric.
  • Good Liver Tonic

ODOP List (State-wise) PDF Download

  • Assistance for agricultural products will be for their processing as well as efforts to reduce losses, proper testing and storage, and marketing.
  • For assisting existing individual micro-units for capital investment, priority will be given to those producing ODOP products, but assistance will also be given to existing units, which are producing other products.
  • In the case of capital investment by clusters that are primarily involved in ODOP products, assistance will be given. The clusters processing other products in such districts would be similar for processing only those products with sufficient technical, financial, and entrepreneurial potential. New units for individuals or groups will be supported for ODOP products only.
  • Common infrastructure and support for marketing and branding will be for ODOP products only.
  • In the event of assistance for marketing and branding at the state or regional level, products from districts that cannot be included as the same product may also include ODOPs.

One District One Product List 2022 PDF download link is now available on this page. People searching for ODOP Scheme District-wise List can visit the official website and download the PFF file. Here they can check all state’s ODOP List 2022 i.e Odisha, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttarakhand, etc. The Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries has approved 707 districts in 35 states and union territories for ‘One District One Product’. For this, more than 50 incubation centers have also been approved in 17 states.

As you must be aware the One District One Product Scheme was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under National Livelihood Mission (NLM). Under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, several notable initiatives have been taken towards the establishment of small units within a year under the Micro Food Industry Upgradation Scheme. Financial and technical assistance is also being provided to micro food processing units to be started under the ODOP scheme.

The Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Tribals, and Ministry of Urban Development have made a joint effort to promote Pradhan Mantri Micro Food Processing Industries Scheme. For this, joint programs have been prepared, in which the support of the network of National Livelihood Mission, State Livelihood Mission, and Rural Livelihood Mission is being taken. Under this scheme, financial assistance is provided for the purchase of small equipment by each member of the SHGs engaged in the working capital and food processing sector. More than 9,000 small entrepreneurs registered during this period, out of which 2,500 started working with government help.

Under the ODOP scheme, the setting up of 54 common incubation centers in 17 states including Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Uttarakhand are approved. A lot of help is provided to the new entrepreneurs from these centers. Experts have been appointed in 491 districts to provide all kinds of technical information to the new entrepreneurs. In one and a half dozen states, 470 district-level trainers have also been kept for the training of entrepreneurs, who will continue to train them from time to time.

Cooperative organizations NAFED and TRIFED will cooperate on the marketing and branding of each product. NAFED will do branding and marketing of pineapple, millet-based products, coriander, makhana, honey, ragi, bakery, Isabgol, and turmeric in agriculture and horticulture products and cherry. Whereas TRIFED has a selection of tamarind, spices, amla, pulses, cereals, custard apple, wild mushroom, cashew, black rice, and wild apple products. With an outlay of Rs 10,000 crore during the year, 2020-21 to 2024-25, financial and technical assistance will be provided for the up-gradation of micro food processing entrepreneurs under this scheme.

Now people can apply online for ODOP Loan Scheme from the official website. The full form of the ODOP scheme is One District One Product, its a loan scheme that is launched by several state governments i.e Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc. People who participate in this ODOP scheme can get subsidies for business from the government. Here we share with you the ODOP Scheme PDF (State-wise) List in Hindi and English languages

The One District One Product plan adopts a one district one product approach of leveraging scale in terms of access to inputs, obtaining common services, and marketing the products. The ODOP scheme will provide a framework for value chain development and aggregation of support infrastructure for the scheme. A district can have clusters of more than one ODOP product.

A state may have a cluster of ODOP products consisting of more than one contiguous district. Keeping in view the focus of the scheme on perishable food, the state will identify the food product of a district. The baseline study will be conducted by the state government. ODOP products can be perishable food agricultural products, pulse-based products, and food products that are produced on a large scale in a district and their associated areas, which are produced on a large scale in the district and their associated areas.

An illustrative list of such products includes Mango, Potato, Litchi, Tomato, Tangerine, Bhujia, Petha, Papad, Pickle, Coarse grain-based products, Fisheries, Poultry, Meat and animal feed, etc. In addition/additional assistance can be given to traditional and innovative products including waste-earning products under this scheme. For example honey, small wild products in tribal areas, traditional Indian herbal food items like turmeric, amla, etc.

One District One Product Scheme is an assistance-based initiative taken by the UP Government in order to support the indigenous industries of garments, handicrafts, processed foods, as well as other traditional products manufactured by MSMEs. In Uttar Pradesh, the One District One Product (Also known as ODOP) program revolves around making product-based traditional industrial spots in about 75 districts of UP. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, mentioned it as an extension of Make in India.

Through this Yojana, 25 lakh people will get employment in the time frame of 5 years in 75 districts of UP. Export of more than 89 thousand crores has been made from these small and medium scale industries. Small scale industries exist in Uttar Pradesh, where the production of unique and special products takes place and is sent abroad as well. Glassware of Uttar Pradesh, special rice, clothes with Lucknowi embroidery, etc., are notable and well-known throughout the world. Small artists residing in small cities and villages make these items, but no one knows them. Through the UP One District One Product scheme, the UP government will employ such lost artists and will render monetary support to the small-scale industries in all the districts famous for some products.

On 24 January 2018, Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Aditya Nath Ji, commenced this scheme to safeguard the existence of traditional crafts and small enterprises in the districts of UP and maximize employment opportunities. Through this scheme, all the districts of UP will have their special products, which will be marked as the symbol of identity for that district. These businesses are classified under the roof of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). In addition, employment opportunities will be given to unemployed youth via this Yojana.

The core objective of the state government is that the handicrafts, as well as special skills of each district, must be protected and developed. The intent is to create employment opportunities in that district. It will help achieve the goal of economic prosperity. It’s only possible when raw material, design, technical training as well as market can be made available for the particular product of the district. Small artisans will reap outstanding profits at the local level, and there is no need for them to leave their homes, or district & roam anywhere else through the One District One Product Scheme. This scheme will provide financial aid to all the artists of the districts of Uttar Pradesh. 

A two-day event, the One District One Product (ODOP) Summit was inaugurated by President Ram Nath Kovind on 10th August at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan. The ODOP scheme is an ambitious project of the UP Government that focuses on job creation and revival of the traditional industries in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh. The scheme is expected to create five lac jobs in the coming days which will benefit the youth who otherwise have to migrate to other cities in search of employment. ODOP will identify the core industries specific to each of the 75 districts and provide marketing and financial assistance.

Every state in UP is synonymous with an industry that has long been a part of its identity. But as society progressed and technology took over, the market was flooded with machine-made products. This is slowly fading away from our traditional sectors, many of which are on the verge of disappearing. Our handloom industry, for instance, is among the largest in the country but has been witnessing a sharp decline in recent years. The cascading effect of which can be seen in the deteriorating livelihood of the artisans and craftsmen.

The main purpose of the One District One Product method is to gain the scale benefits in procuring inputs and accessing basic marketing and services products. ODOP is the term used to serve as the basis for developing aligned support infrastructure and value chains. There could be multiple clusters of ODOP products within a district, and it is possible to have an entire group of ODOP products in multiple adjacent districts in the state.

A state is going to determine the food item for the district. The ODOP product can be anything like a cereal-based product, a food product, or even a perishable Agri product, highly generated in a specific district and allied sectors. Support for agricultural products can be for their efforts & processing to proper assaying, decrease the wastage and marketing storage.

Support for agricultural products would be for processing and efforts to minimize the amount of waste, storage, marketing, and proper assaying. In order to support existing micro-units to invest capital, preference will be provided to those that create ODOP products. But, units making other products will also get assistance. For group capital, investments primarily active in ODOP products will receive help.

The support for processing other products in these districts will only be available to those already processing these products and who have the necessary technical and financial power. The creation of new units for groups or individuals could just be supported in the case of ODOP products.

ODOP products are provided with support for infrastructure, branding, and marketing. If there is support for branding & marketing at the regional or state level, the products that districts don't have as ODOP may also be considered.

Scheme Name One District One Product (ODOP)
in Language One District One Product (ODOP)
Launched by Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath Ji
The department Micro, small and medium enterprises and export promotion department
Beneficiaries Citizen of Uttar Pradesh
Major Benefit Grow Employment Opportunities
Scheme Objective Development of small, medium, and traditional industries of the district
Scheme under State Government
Name of State Uttar Pradesh
Official Website
Apply Online ODOP Margin Money Scheme Link
Apply Online Training and Toolkit Scheme